Following the tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombing, the nation rallied around Beantown and its “Boston Strong” motto, which has since been appropriated by its sports teams. We love Boston and support/admire its people, but don’t believe that the homicidal lunacy of two disturbed locals has rendered its teams invincible. This is about hockey, this is about O-6 pride, this is about the Cup. 

Chicago is the City of Broad Shoulders – our town burned down, our winters are legendary, our Cubs have floundered for a century, yet we endure. Other cities may be strong, we’re stronger. The Bruins are strong, our Blackhawks are stronger. 

I literally have no words for the above paragraphs. No words. My words packed up and took a vacation and they’re never coming back.

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    “We believe that the majority of noble Bostonians have the proper perspective and priorities - indeed many have...
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    whoever wrote this sucks your argument is so invalid
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    A Toronto fan tried to pull that shit. Don’t poke the bear, Chicago.
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    This feeling right now is hard to describe… It’s not so much that I hate them, it’s more that I feel like I’m going to...
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    Seriously if you’re a Chicago fan, please do not buy these. There is nothing okay about this and honestly our wounds are...
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    The “Boston Strong” slogan was not created for its sports teams, it was created for the city as a way to cope with the...
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    How fucking dare you try to brush something off as offensive and rude and terrible as that as “Oh, geez, it’s just a...
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    these people obviously don’t fucking get it. Why do you need to rally behind your hockey team by a slogan that came...
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    How classless.
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    Makes me sick
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    This is so disrespectful its not even remotely amusing. anyone who buys this shirt can go fuck themselves
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    Ugh!!! Seriously?! I’m getting angry. This is just…so rude, there’s a million other slogans they could use.
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    To all of my wonderful friends who are Chicago fans… Please don’t buy these. Even though I already know you wouldn’t....
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